Sunday, 3 April 2011

i’ve mocked up some designs to try out on different materials. these are for my blind/ room dividers, each design shows how the image would look on either side without light shining through it, then how it would look with daylight shining through or light from the other room… they won’t look like this, they’re just the designs to work from in the print room.

these more commercial applications are for the gallery shop space.

I’ve put a few of my prints into context to try and decide which ones are working..

Thursday, 31 March 2011

I carried on with smudging the printing inks to show movement but this time on the screen, and pulling it through the screen. it makes more interesting patterns at the top. I like the effect but it needs alot of refinement so that it looks intentional instead of messy. i have started to look at the prints of Philip Taafe, his acrylics on paper, 2002. I am going to try and get a similar effect to what he achieves in these prints/ paintings.

a few more prints towards the development of some of my wallpaper/ blind designs, just playing around with different colours and compositions.

A test print for my blind idea

This is a first attempt at two patterns printed on opposite sides of paper which work together when light is shon through, and also on their own…

last past cont.

looking at ways I can create movement in my prints, I tried to recreate the mistakes i made the day before with spilling the paint and then scraping it off, this time more directed though, to try and make it look like the motion blur from birds in flight, could use this to make striped wallpaper more interesting.

yesterday helped me to decide on my colour pallet for next couple of weeks as well, the navy, beige and gold as one, and grey/blue, bright blue, navy blue and lemon yellow as the other.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

some more from today

todays prints

after making some new screens thought i'd thought i'd just get some prints out and see what happened. funnily the best bits are the mistakes. thats what i like about screen printing, you can't get those experimental happy mistakes... heres some shots of them...

Monday, 28 March 2011

Presentation nation

Here is a video of a powerpoint I made of all my work so far, it was for a uni presentation I had to give but it gives a clear indication of what I am trying to do. So I thought it was worth posting on here too.
It shows samples of video and prints I have made towards my project but not all of it, so its not very long, don't worry!