Sunday, 13 December 2009

Root animation

This is a stop motion animation I made, a while ago now but I have only just managed to get a good quality version on the internet. It is starring Lucy Grey, who also did the sound. Thanks Lucy! :-)

For the art sale....

I have a bit of a problem with publicising myself (this blog being an attempt) but after chatting to a fellow doodler I actually printed some work to go into the art sale/gallery space, priced it up and now its there to buy! Sounds like quite a simple thing but, although I have sold work before, I have never been the one who instigates it. This is quite a big thing for me :-)

Oh yeah and the pieces are on some paper that I made myself on wednesday... also a new thing.

the work is in the gallery space in Guntons building, St Andrews street, Norwich.. will be there until the 22nd december.

for the gallery

Tuesday, 8 December 2009


here is some pictures of one of the pieces after i had put it into the organza. the picture is digitally printed then cut into. i was originally going to set the picture in bees wax, but this didn't work because it ruined the transparency and shape of the material. so i set it in Arabic Gum, so that i could cut through and not fray the organza.

patterned flames

...some of the pictures I have made from photography, drawing and photoshop. I am going to print these onto Silk Organza or Silk Georgette, layer at a time. Then I will physically layer them up and cut through parts to highlight aspects. This development comes from my sketchbook. constant layering and cutting through pages to make my ideas link from drawing to drawing is something i find works well with my style. so this is how I am trying to interpret this into textiles... hope it works!

Making patterns into pictures...

I want to include my free hand drawings by making them into textures and patterns that I can then make a larger picture from... these are some of the patterns I have made for the purpose. I like the idea of a pattern, making up a bigger picture, it gives the larger picture a kind of history, like rings in a tree trunk. or lines on a face.