Friday, 20 August 2010

another empty window for UnitE 30 group

unfortunately this property was let a week after we put this work up! so has already been taken down! but as it was missed by the public, here it is....

Left: Me Middle: Doy Longly Right: Greg Carter/ Daytime Televisuals

replacement tent for a friend....

this is my first attempt of using spray paints...
Loving the summer holidays... time to do things that are nothing to do with my degree!
apoligese about the low grade photography of this... but my camera got stolen so I am relying on a camera phone with no flash.

My first 'logo' commision piece :-D

For a sound system from Norfolk. TSS (Treehouse Sound System) and Nocturnal... versions of this will be appearing on hoodies and t-shirts n flyers I hope!