Wednesday, 16 June 2010

NEXT FOR UnitE 30.....

After the success of the unit 30 project we have been given a perminatnt spot to exhibit in!

It will be at 71 Bridge Street, Cambridge.

Here are some picture of the Unit now.. I am under the impression we will have the Unite from the 1st of July!

Watch this space....

featured artists....


Paul Sargent (illustrator)

Sam Harrons (painter)

Greg Carter (visuals, he had a screen room out the back and this is the wall of his screen room)

Rachel Johnson (photographer)

meant to post these up earlier

These are picture i meant to post up a while ago they show close ups of peoples work from the show including illustration, painting, sculpture, photography, print and film.

featured artists were..
Doy Longly (3D animation/illustrator)

Patrick Allan (illustrator)

Ro Seekings (illustrator)

Amber Stefani (painter)

Tom Puckett (geometry)

Back cover of scumzine

this is a collaborative drawing with Doy Longly... he did the charactors, I did the David Cameron bill board and we both did some colouring :-).

check out his stuff though, some definite skills there!

or if you've got facebook....

Thursday, 10 June 2010

the show.....

Private view

Order of artists from left- (Stephan Bodin-Pearson/ Paix Art), Sam Harrons (painter), Paul Sargent (self portrait), Abi Cooper (Sculptpr) and far right Paul Sontag (painter).

The work on the outsides is by Ben Martin and the Red and Black works in the centre are by Tom Walker (Get-Up Clothing)

Saturday, 5 June 2010

variations of designs for MASSIVE digital print

now that i look back on these i know i made the wrong choice about what to get printed... tired and been looking at the same image for too long. heres a couple of them

Friday, 4 June 2010

patterns and sketches for my piece

wanting to make something new for the show. i have used a mixture of recent prints, photography and drawings that have been about my setting up the gallery. wanted to make a really personal piece as this i feel is more for me than it is for college. for a change.

but ofcourse i had to say all this and so my college are making me make it into a self a portrait :-S

anyway heres my first developments to my print for the show....

midnight decorating

tell your friends if you liked our stuff. we could do more.

Havent posted anything up here for AGES. I have been doing work experience with Mirjam Rouden, and Christopher Pearson and ofcourse the gallery project with Changing spaces.

That is coming to an end now but i will post up all the images that i should have been posting up along the way... the poster, the space before we occupied it, the show curated by Katie Bannell (, another volunteer who set up the space with me, and then my very own curated show the 'UnitE 30 project'

here is the events page i set up for it...

we've had all sorts, circus performances, a very succsessful private view, sales everyday, in the first week averaging 50 visitors a day in the first week then 200 a day in the second week. result :-D!

an tomorrow for our last saturday we will be having some music from very talented local cambridge buskers, and attempting to do a first shoot for a promo film were making to show at the year old birthday of the changing spaces project to get support and possible funding to expand the project and make more of cambridges disused spaces.

so much to write but i'm going to let the photo's do the talking..

heres the flyer...