Friday, 4 June 2010

Havent posted anything up here for AGES. I have been doing work experience with Mirjam Rouden, and Christopher Pearson and ofcourse the gallery project with Changing spaces.

That is coming to an end now but i will post up all the images that i should have been posting up along the way... the poster, the space before we occupied it, the show curated by Katie Bannell (, another volunteer who set up the space with me, and then my very own curated show the 'UnitE 30 project'

here is the events page i set up for it...

we've had all sorts, circus performances, a very succsessful private view, sales everyday, in the first week averaging 50 visitors a day in the first week then 200 a day in the second week. result :-D!

an tomorrow for our last saturday we will be having some music from very talented local cambridge buskers, and attempting to do a first shoot for a promo film were making to show at the year old birthday of the changing spaces project to get support and possible funding to expand the project and make more of cambridges disused spaces.

so much to write but i'm going to let the photo's do the talking..

heres the flyer...

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