Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The film... a half way piont.

This is a short sequence I put together from what I could salvage. The animation part is a design I scratched onto the tiles after the burning had taken place. I have decided to use this film as a sort of half-way point in my project. I will now take some still imagery from the film and use this in conjunction with drawn and collage work... which I will push further in my sketchbook. Then I plan to digitally print my designs, work a few different designs together through layering and play around with the scale.
I want to concentrate more on the aesthetics colour, scale, depth of field. I have, up until now, concentrated mainly on the concept, that is now so heavily engraved into my work that whatever I make from my existing imagery will show that.
Back to the sketchbook for a doodle! :-D

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