Friday, 13 November 2009

Then something went horribly WRONG... R.I.P Sculpture.

Although I had done about 5 filming and burning tests in the same materials which my sculpture is made out of, it didn't prepare me AT ALL for what would actually happen when I set alight to my final sculpture...
I had two video cameras and one digital SLR set up so I could catch every little detail of the burning, maybe it was because the sculpture was bigger than my tests? or less wax? or maybe because something extremely flammable had been waved near it at some point... or maybe its because its friday the thirteenth...
but, the sculpture practically blew-up, had demolished itself within two seconds was in seriouse risk of burning down my house AND it was so bright that all the exposure settings were completely wrong on my cameras. All the footage shows is complete whiteness and some swearing from me.

I am going to try and figure out a way of making this work to my advantage... I have taken some pretty pictures of the RECK, I was thinking of turning some of them horizontal, putting them in repeat, downsizing and creating a pattern which looks like the walls of my sculpture. I will them print this (possibly digitallly) onto a new material and build another sculpture.

The reason I want to do this is partly because I want to include the work I have already done, and partly because I think it would add an interesting concept. Building a new hive from the ruins of another is a positive metaphor for the extinction of the honey bee.
I think I will also try and make the film still. I am going to make a stop motion drawing into the smoke left on the walls... and then overlay this onto the footage when it goes white.

could be interesting...

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