Sunday, 31 January 2010

Lace and Shadows

Here are some samples of hand cut paper with drawings and some photoshop samples of the kind of lace I want to make...
The lace sample has fists instead of flowers, I have chosen fists balled ready to punch because it is contradictory to the regular style of lace.
The hand cut paper has shadows reflected onto a drawing I made, which is a mixture of actual sign language and hand signals used in my local area. It says 'I Love East Anglia'... this is sort of tongue and cheek. I started looking into to sign language and discovered that there are different dialects and 'accents' which stupidly I never realised, I assumed that it was universal. So I started thinking about what the 'slang' sign language would be in my area. Hence the 'I love East Anglia'.

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