Thursday, 25 February 2010


for some work experience i am volunteering for a project in Cambridge called Changing Spaces. They take Empty shop windows and make them into temporary exhibits...

I have been to several meetings and have been given a part of the project to do... this is curating an actual gallery, rather than a shop window :-D... I will be occupying the space for two weeks with my very own show... i have got together 11 artists and will be in there for the world to see between the 22nd May and the 4th June.

the 8 week project in here is called 'Unit 30', basically because thats where it is..
the exact location is the bottom of the escalators next to BHS in the Grafton centre, Cambridge.–-unit-30/

get down n see it!!!!

I will post up the flyer when i have made it, but i had to write this up here because it is basically taking up all my organisation (lack of) skills, and daydreaming time at the moment.

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